Monday, 23 April 2012

Another long time post ago! Ive finally got my act together and gone creative crazy!! Ive spend a month of on and off writing! The children's book has changed to a comic book. i feel much more comfortable with it now and comic books are my main passion. The story has evolved a lot. originally the story was about a boy with a imaginary friend who caused mischief. Now the story evolves around a man who gets caught up in the world of imagination, starting with getting a surprise visit from his childhood imaginary friend. The book starts with the man sitting on a throne, with a chained up monster guarding him. He starts to explain (as if talking to 'you' the reader) that he is the first human to enter the imagination world, or so he was told by the people of this strange world, The Monster chained up is his imaginary friend. he then explains that he needs to start right from the beginning and proceeds to tell the story of when he first met his childhood imaginary friend. The story is not 100% yet but I'm happy with what Ive got so far.


  1. Looks mega in colour. kinda looks like its lacking something when I look at some of your older stuff.
    The story sounds awesome though. Cant wait to see some more of your panels. You thinking of a short comic or a full size one, like 32/40 pages?
    You managed to find some websites to get it self published?

  2. thanks! yeah i know what you mean! on my older stuff i used layers and layers of textures on photoshop to hide my bad colouring! i think ill just get it all done in black and white then mess about with colours! lighting and shadows are my biggest weakness! yeah thinking a full comic now, i have to much stuff to fit into a short story. nahh not looked at anything yet ill see how i get on first. its crazy doing everything alone! i need less sleep so i can keep up with it all!