Monday, 21 May 2012


I want to do a zombie book but focus on the animals side of things when everything gets messed up!!! i want it to be serious but still have humour in it. There will be some zombie animals in it. Ive got the beginning figured out.

A cat asleep up a tree, a few hours later loads of stuff is going on around him like cars crashing and people running away screaming but he Carries on sleeping, when he finally wakes up the undead are everythere. later on in the story he will meet a few more animals like a mouse maybe. the cat isnt bothered about whats happened to the world, he just wants to sleep.

I still want to do my other story but i dont think im ready for a huge epic adventure, right now i want to focus on story telling and angles in my shots, and doing this will help me loads i think.

im going to aim to get a page done a week.

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